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Proving your ex-spouse no longer needs alimony

When you and your spouse choose to divorce, the issue of alimony is one that can continue to cause contention between the two of you. He or she being awarded it may be viewed as some sort of punitive action against you. It is not meant to be; rather, spousal support is supposed to provide him or her with the same standard of living until he or she is in a position to once again secure gainful employment. However, many in Plantation have come to us here at The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC concerned that their ex-spouses, out of spite, might withhold information about their current circumstances in order to continue to collect alimony payments. Is this something you should be worried about? 

According to Section 61.14 of Florida’s state statutes, the court can indeed modify or terminate your alimony agreement if you are able to show that since the time it was created, your spouse has entered into another supportive relationship. He or she might believe that as long as he or she does not marry his or her new partner, you will continue to have to make your alimony payments. However, if the court finds that his or her relationship is akin to marriage, it might rule to terminate your obligation. 

Some of the factors the court considers when making this determination include: 

  • How long they have lived together 
  • If they share assets and/or support each other
  • If they have performed valuable services for each other (or each other’s employer)
  • Whether they have purchased property together or worked together to enhance something of value
  • The extent to which they have portrayed their relationship as being a marriage

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