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Do child support obligations end with high school graduation?

Child support can be confusing in Florida. One false step and you can end up in serious debt. You not only owe your child money but you can get into a situation where you owe fees and fines to the state. That is why it is essential to stay on top of your child support payments. However, you are not likely to pay forever. At some point, your obligation ends, but when is that?

According to Patch, in a typical situation, it is assumed that child support ends when a child graduates high school. In some cases, the obligation may end when the child turns 18 even if he or she is not out of school yet. There are some situations, though, where child support does not end when major milestones like these are reached. 

You should never assume you can stop paying child support. You should look at your court orders to see when the court stipulated they would end. Prior to October 2011, courts did not always put in orders for automatic termination. This means you must go to court and request your support is terminated. If you fail to ensure your obligation has ended based on a court order, you could end up liable for payments you didn’t pay even though your child was of legal adult age. 

Knowing what your court papers say is essential to avoiding such an incident. If you have more than one child, you should try to get them all handled in court at once, assuring there is a support termination date clearly stated for each child. 



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