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The importance of grandparents after divorce

Children in Florida whose parents are going through a divorce need as much emotional support as they can get. While the majority of this support should come from their parents, other members of the immediate family should play a role as well. According to The Attached Family, grandparents may have enough positive influence on their grandchildren to help them minimize the onset of depression and other emotional struggles. However, in order to do so, grandparents must have the opportunity for regular contact so that a meaningful bond can develop.

A meaningful relationship between grandparents and grandchildren should have three basic elements. First, they should see each other often. Spending time together consistently allows the children to establish trust in their grandparents during a turbulent time. This source of stability may then help to keep the children grounded as their lives make a dramatic change after the divorce. Having an external source of support may ease the transition.

Parenting states that grandparents can have a profound moral effect on their grandchildren. They often have the capacity to model how to respond in various social situations, as well as how to practice emotional maturity. Children who spend significant time with their grandparents learn how to interact and show respect to adult figures other than their parents. In many cases, they often have the opportunity to witness enduring familial relationships. Seeing older members of the family who faithfully love their relatives and exemplify social grace may be comforting for children of all ages. This may help them to realize that, though their parents’ relationship is ending, the children will continue to be loved and cherished. 



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