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Same-sex marriage, divorce and equal rights

The romanticized appeal of spending a lifetime with someone can, unfortunately, go awry. When this happens, a multitude of issues can also come about, especially those involving legal matters. When a same-sex couple decides to divorce in Florida, those legal matters can become all the more complicated. Those complicated issues stem from a larger, highly debated topic: that of statewide gay rights. 

Issues also largely arise from the fact that same-sex divorce is, to many states, a complex process. Yet recent years have reflected a gradual complaisance on this subject, as Daily News reported on the first gay divorce in Florida in 2014. Granted by the same judge who helped deem the state’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional, divorces of same-sex couples in Florida also involve other legal factors. Daily News goes on to share that because this ruling of gay marriage as unconstitutional came in a divorce case, it has the effect of also declaring that out-of-state same-sex marriages should be recognized in Florida. Only months after this event occurred, Florida would legalize gay marriage completely.

The Miami Herald comments on some of the updated legal details of Florida’s same-sex marriage laws, noting this past March that more Republicans in the state have begun siding with gay rights. However, in the conservative state Capitol, the fight for equal rights is not quite over — there nevertheless exists controversy from lawmakers in both parties, and the Herald shows that there are still more Republicans against gay rights than those who support equality. And although this particular fight is for LGBT rights in all businesses, many lawmakers in Florida have hopes that this step is one of many toward equal rights across the state, in all legal matters.      



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