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Family feuds over ownership of double basses

Most in Plantation might assume that domestic disputes requiring legal intervention only occur between spouses. However, that is not always the case. Parents and children can end up feuding for years over the circumstances of a divorce. This may come as little surprise to some given that children are equally as affected by a separation as their parents are. Yet the hope is that the age-old adage of time healing all wounds will eventually overcome any issues related to the breakup of a family. Yet sometimes, it may only serve to open new ones. 

That appears to be what is happening in a dispute involving a retired professional bassist in Illinois and his two adult daughters. At the center of the disagreement are two supposedly priceless double basses that the man played during his career. He alleges that after he and one of his daughters had a falling out late last year, she and her sister began to fear that they might be cut out of his will. Thus, he believes they chose to keep the instruments to ensure they would get something. His daughters disagree, saying that the terms of his divorce decree from their mother bequeathed the basses to them, and that their father had abandoned them anyway when he moved out of his home in 2014. They claim to fear that he wants to now sell them due to him and his new wife needing money. A judge is set to rule on each side’s claim shortly. 

Interpreting the details of a divorce decree can be complex (especially one that is 35 years old, as it is in this case). Those needing assistance doing so may want to secure the services of an experienced family law attorney. 

Source: Chicago Tribune “Daughter’s fight back in battle with dad over ‘priceless’ musical instruments played at CSO” Schmadeke, Steve, Sept. 22, 2017



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