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The importance of grandparents after divorce

Children in Florida whose parents are going through a divorce need as much emotional support as they can get. While the majority of this support should come from their parents, other members of the immediate family should play a role as well. According to The Attached Family, grandparents may have enough positive influence on their grandchildren to help them minimize the onset of depression and other emotional struggles. However, in order to do so, grandparents must have the opportunity for regular contact so that a meaningful bond can develop.

Quitting work may cause imputed income for child support purposes

Many divorcing parents in Florida who have children are typically aware that there will most likely be a child support order issued by the court at some point in time. Most parents want to properly support their children and comply with the state’s law for doing so. There are, however, times when a parent unwisely decides to stop working with the hope of escaping a child support order.

Family feuds over ownership of double basses

Most in Plantation might assume that domestic disputes requiring legal intervention only occur between spouses. However, that is not always the case. Parents and children can end up feuding for years over the circumstances of a divorce. This may come as little surprise to some given that children are equally as affected by a separation as their parents are. Yet the hope is that the age-old adage of time healing all wounds will eventually overcome any issues related to the breakup of a family. Yet sometimes, it may only serve to open new ones. 

Same-sex marriage, divorce and equal rights

The romanticized appeal of spending a lifetime with someone can, unfortunately, go awry. When this happens, a multitude of issues can also come about, especially those involving legal matters. When a same-sex couple decides to divorce in Florida, those legal matters can become all the more complicated. Those complicated issues stem from a larger, highly debated topic: that of statewide gay rights. 

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