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What if the other parent doesn’t honor our time-sharing schedule?

When you received the Florida court order for your parenting plan, you and your child’s other parent became legally bound to honor it. If he or she is not letting you spend your share of the time with your child, unless there is a very good reason, you may be able to have the issue corrected in court.

According to the Florida Statutes, the judge’s main concern in any custody arrangement is the best interests of your child. The goal of the time-sharing schedule is to ensure that you and the other parent each have enough quality time with your child to develop a healthy parent-child relationship. Typically, the court will see a refusal to comply with the schedule as interfering with the best interests of your child, and the situation is treated seriously.

You should have any missed time made up to you as quickly as is feasible, and at your convenience rather than that of the offending parent. Any court costs or attorney fees that you had to pay to get the order enforced may be reimbursed by the other parent, too. To make sure that it does not happen again, a judge may also order him or her to take a parenting class and/or do community service. The parent could be held in contempt of court, as well.

If you live more than 60 miles away from your child and the other parent, the loss of your parenting time could have financial consequences for you. Often, a judge may order that parent to pay for the costs of making sure you get to spend frequent and continuing time with your child. You may even be able to get the parenting plan modified. Other factors may be relevant in your case; therefore, this general information should not be interpreted as legal advice.



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