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How do I help my kids when my ex is uninvolved?

After you go through a divorce in Florida, it may be difficult to help your kids work through their painful emotions. The new living arrangements and family structure may be more complicated if your former spouse appears to be emotionally distant from the children and does not honor the visitation schedule. In those cases, your role as an involved parent may become even more vital to your children’s recovery process.

Parents states that, in virtually any divorce situation, you should try not to speak badly about your ex in front of your kids. If the other parent misses a visitation, your children will probably already feel badly enough without hearing your criticism about this important person in their lives. However, it is also wise to reassure the children that failure to make visitation does not indicate a problem with the children themselves. If they ask questions, be honest about the circumstances, while reassuring the children of their worth and your unconditional love.

If you discover that the other parent is consistently unable to honor visitation times, you may want to prepare ahead of time for possible cancellations. This could involve enlisting other loved ones to come spend time with your children, or taking them out on a fun outing yourself. Though it may be inconvenient to do so, you may choose to alter your visitation schedule in order to find a time that works better for your ex. This flexibility, even at your own expense, is one way to put your children’s needs above your own.  When your ex does honor a meeting, try to maintain a positive attitude in order to put your kids at ease, rather than making them feel as if they have to choose sides. Never make them feel guilty about spending time with the other parent. This information about visitation issues is provided for educational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as legal advice.



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