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Felony charge awaits man who refused to pay child support

Most in Plantation likely understand that fulfilling a child support obligation is very serious. Those who fail to do it could face potentially serious criminal penalties, including jail time as well as being required to pay fees and restitution on top of their arrears. Yet the perception might be out there that the criminal penalties one may face for failing to pay child support are relatively minor. Those who subscribe to this assumption may be shocked to find out that is not the case. 

A Tennessee man is currently learning this lesson the hard way as he was recently sentenced to five years in prison for failing to pay his child support. It was reported that in all, he has only paid $40 of the over $23,000 that he actually owes, and that payment came after his arrest. Authorities ended up charging him with a felony, which mandates that he serve at least four years of his sentence. After that, he will still be required to pay over $23,000 in restitution. 

Part of what might have drawn the ire of officials was the fact that the man reportedly had the means to make his payments, yet willfully refused to do so. However, many of those also accused of not paying their child support may be without the resources to meet their obligations. In such a situation, one has other methods of dealing with matters other than not paying. He or she can request that his or her obligation be modified, or even seek total relief from it from the court. Anyone in such a situation that is needing to do so may be wise to first consult with a family law attorney. 

Source: Mississippi News Now “Memphis man arrested for failing to pay $23K in child support” Howard, Morgan, Sep. 08, 2017



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