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How do I help my kids when my ex is uninvolved?

After you go through a divorce in Florida, it may be difficult to help your kids work through their painful emotions. The new living arrangements and family structure may be more complicated if your former spouse appears to be emotionally distant from the children and does not honor the visitation schedule. In those cases, your role as an involved parent may become even more vital to your children's recovery process.

“Gray divorce” trend continues

While overall divorce rates have remained relatively stable for years now, the dissolution rate for one demographic group has steadily risen – people over 50. Pew Research reports that the divorce rate for that age group has doubled since 1990 (now there are an average of 10 divorcing couples for every 1,000 married people, up from just five in 1990).

What if the other parent doesn't honor our time-sharing schedule?

When you received the Florida court order for your parenting plan, you and your child's other parent became legally bound to honor it. If he or she is not letting you spend your share of the time with your child, unless there is a very good reason, you may be able to have the issue corrected in court.

Felony charge awaits man who refused to pay child support

Most in Plantation likely understand that fulfilling a child support obligation is very serious. Those who fail to do it could face potentially serious criminal penalties, including jail time as well as being required to pay fees and restitution on top of their arrears. Yet the perception might be out there that the criminal penalties one may face for failing to pay child support are relatively minor. Those who subscribe to this assumption may be shocked to find out that is not the case. 

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