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Developing a shared parenting plan

With all of the emotion that may be associated with your divorce in Plantation, it may become easy to start viewing your proceedings from a “win-loss” perspective (as in every concession made in your favor being a win for you, and conversely a loss for your ex-spouse). Yet as many of the clients that we here at The Minaya Offices, PLLC can tell you, when both sides of a divorce fight for only that which is in their best interests, the court can step in and quickly deal a loss to everyone.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in child custody proceedings. Your current feelings toward your ex-spouse may prompt you to try and fight for a custody agreement that is, in some way, punitive to him or her. Yet if the two of you cannot agree on custody, the court is more than happy to intercede and come up with an agreement for you (one which you both may not favor).

As difficult as it may seem to be given the emotions of the moment, you (and your ex-spouse) may be better served to work together to come up with your own shared parenting plan for the court to approve. Section 61.13(2)(b) of the Florida state statutes states that in order for such a plan to be approved, it must contain the following elements:

  •          Details on how you both will share the daily responsibilities of your children’s upbringing
  •          An arranged time-sharing schedule
  •          Information on the methods and technologies you both plan to use to communicate with the kids
  •          Details designating which of you will be responsible for overseeing for the kids’ health care, schooling and other activities

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