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LGBT couples should obtain legal rights of children

You love your children more than anything. You have enjoyed raising them. You like to watch as they learn new things and explore the world. You can see their personalities developing. They surprise you with new quirks every day. You like to listen as they tell jokes and learn new stories. You are their parent. You and your partner have raised them together.

The different types of alimony in Florida

Spousal support may be a natural expectation of some of those that are seeking a divorce in Plantation. Yet such an award is not always automatic. The court will consider a number of different factors when choosing to award alimony, such as how long a marriage lasted, as well as how much each party contributed to the household income or each other's career pursuits. Many may not also be aware that there are actually several different types of alimony. Which one the court chooses to award may depend largely on the individual circumstances of each party after a marriage has ended. 

LGBT marriage rights: the continuing fight

In recent years, America has seen a progressive shift in LGBT rights, especially since the country’s legalization of same-sex marriage took place in 2015. While the gradual shift in favor of LGBT rights is certainly one worthy of celebrating in Florida, legal issues regarding same-sex marriage process has a long way to go.

Family law and back-to-school season

If your child will be returning to school in the fall, you may have a number of things on your mind. From buying clothes to helping your child adjust to his or her new schedule, back-to-school season can be quite stressful for parents and children alike. The Minaya Law Offices understands the various challenges that parents in Florida may face if they are working through these issues in addition to family law matters, such as child custody or even just dealing with the divorce process.

Developing a shared parenting plan

With all of the emotion that may be associated with your divorce in Plantation, it may become easy to start viewing your proceedings from a "win-loss" perspective (as in every concession made in your favor being a win for you, and conversely a loss for your ex-spouse). Yet as many of the clients that we here at The Minaya Offices, PLLC can tell you, when both sides of a divorce fight for only that which is in their best interests, the court can step in and quickly deal a loss to everyone.

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