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The basics of Florida child adoption

The rewards and improvement on overall quality of life are two of the countless benefits of adopting a child. Many Florida residents who seek to adopt a child may be wondering what details go into the process, and what legal guidelines apply. Courts can arrange adoptions in a number of ways, and the family law surrounding adoptions can differ depending on state.

Child Adoption Laws shares important, state-specific information regarding adoption laws and legal procedures. In Florida, individuals may choose domestic adoption, international child adoption, various types of assumed parenting concerning agency and private child adoption, foster care and other types of child adoption. While there is a wide selection of steps one can take when considering adopting a child, there are a number of legal risks involved with each process, including fees and regulations. Florida residents may also choose between facilitator adoption, intrastate and interstate child adoption and open and closed child adoption.

AdoptUSKids is a division of the U.S. Child’s Bureau that provides resources to help child welfare systems connect children in foster care with families. According to AdoptUSKids, individuals interested in adopting must go through a training module called the Parent Resource for Information Development and Education, where prospective parents complete a licensing study to become licensed foster parents. Prospective parents must also complete a home study before moving forward in the adoption process, which usually takes between six to eight months. AdoptUSKids estimates that there are about 14,000 children in foster care in Florida, and about 750 of children waiting for permanent placement are without identified families.  





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