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Florida child support basics

Dissolving your marriage in Florida can be difficult, but one of the most stressful factors may be determining child support. Parents may be able to better prepare for the court’s decision if they understand the basics of the state’s child support laws. We at The Minaya Law Offices not only fight for your rights, but also strive to help you understand what those rights are.


The Florida State Legislature has declared that the monthly child support you may be required to give will be determined based on the guidelines set forth by the government. If you are paying the support for one child, a monthly net income of $800 would mean a monthly child support payment of $190 would be required. The amount goes up with each child and as the income increases. For example, two children would increase your payment to $211 per month, while a monthly net income of $2,500 would require a payment of $547 for one child.


By referring to the chart, it is easy to determine what your monthly child support payments will likely be. If net monthly income is less than $800, the court will determine payment on an individual basis. There may be additional costs added to the monthly payment, such as noncovered dental and medical expenses, child care costs and other factors determined by the court.


Child support awards are not set in stone. If there are extenuating circumstances in the future, the court may evaluate the changes and determine if adjustments are needed. To learn more about this topic, please visit our web page.



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