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How can I make visitations easier on my child?

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce is when one parent no longer lives in the family home. Whether you are the parent the children live with full time or you are the parent they see only during visitations, you need to do everything you can to make visitations easy on your children. You want them to feel comfortable with the process. IN addition, the process should not disrupt their lives too much or make them miss out on things they want to do.

Kids Health suggests that you adjust to the children's schedules. If they have something to do that coincides with a visit, then make adjustments to allow them to follow their schedule. Of course, you do not want to let children fill up their schedule so they never see you or their other parent. You need to find a healthy balance that allows your child to continue his or her normal routine but that also allows for regular visits.

What is durational alimony?

If you are divorcing in Florida, there will be many things you have to decide. The court also has important decisions to make regarding the end of your marriage and where you go from here. A large part of all the decisions deals with finances. You have to untangles years' worth of purchases, income, savings and other financial holdings. The court also needs to consider how you both will move forward financially. This is where alimony may come in.

There are a few different types of alimony. One of those is durational. The Florida Statutes explain durational alimony is awarded when permanent alimony is not appropriate. Permanent alimony is something the court will impose if you or your spouse will not be able to take care of basic financial needs after the divorce due to a lack of ability.

How can I prepare for an adoption home study?

Adopting a child in Florida is a very exciting time for your entire family. However, you may have anxiety about the home study portion of the process, which entails a social worker visiting your home and interviewing your family. Adoption.org offers the following information on home studies so you can be properly prepared for yours.

Make sure you have the right documents

How to help your children through divorce

Going through a divorce will be tough on you, undoubtedly. However, you may be even more concerned about how it affects your children. Making sure your children are comfortable with the changes to your family is important, but can be difficult.

Supporting your children before, during and after the divorce process is important and more than possible.

What should I not do during a divorce?

Divorce is rarely easy, even when both parties agree on major issues like custody and asset division. That’s why it’s important for couples in Florida to take the proper steps during the uncoupling process. Live About offers the following tips on how you can successfully navigate your divorce.

Communication is crucial

What can I do about a deadbeat parent?

Raising a child in Florida is often expensive. That’s why non-custodial parents must pay child support as ordered by the court. Failure to do so can make it difficult to provide for all of a child’s needs and can also lead to serious legal trouble. The Balance explains what you can do if you’re owed child support.

Courts have a few different options at their disposal to deal with so-called “deadbeat” parents. For instance, if the parent is gainfully employee his or her wages may be garnished. This entails taking a portion of a person’s paycheck, which is then transferred to the parent with sole custody. The court may also make a lien against property owned, such as a vehicle or home. Bank accounts can also be frozen until the money owed is paid.

What should single parents know about discipline?

It’s no secret; being a single parent is tough. Along with all of the practical and financial concerns, you’ll also need to worry about properly disciplining your child to keep her on the straight and narrow. Live About offers the following tips to help single parents navigate the subject of discipline.

Set firm boundaries

Experts provide support for people recovering from divorce

When people decide to go through with divorcing their spouse in Florida, it can be overwhelming as they face the challenge of separating their life from their spouse and moving toward independence once again. For many people, a change as significant as getting a divorce can rock the foundation of their life from their finances to their social circle. Overcoming the difficulties that are part of a divorce and moving forward with life is a task that usually requires people to seek help and support from people who have been through a similar situation.

In a new book written by an expert who has both experienced divorce himself and provided support for divorcees, the author provides hope for readers by encouraging them to use their situation as an opportunity to reevaluate their life and find renewed drive and passion to achieve success without the companionship of their ex. His advice includes rebuilding and strengthening a person's social circle and forging relationships with people who genuinely care and are reliable in providing support when times are tough. 

Can being organized help you during your divorce?

You have spent your life staying organized, clearing clutter and keeping a plan. But while many aspects of your life are kept immaculate, your personal life may be suffering. Even type-A, ultra-organized people can fall victim to a complicated divorce. The process does not discriminate and it can be emotionally and mentally taxing for everyone.

However, being organized and prepared can still help you in some ways. While divorce will always be an emotional experience, there are steps you can take to decrease the toll. People who are more organized may find that their divorce is less complicated and stressful. Here are a few ways being organized can help you during the divorce process.

Keeping a child custody dispute from ruining your life

When you are experiencing the never-ending stress and emotional turmoil that comes from getting a divorce, it can be challenging to picture life getting any better. However, there are things that you can do to lessen the unhappiness you are feeling and hopefully work toward achieving a happy and prosperous life despite your current circumstances. At The Minaya Law Offices, PLLC, we have helped many people in Florida to plan and work through their divorce. 

Determining the child custody arrangement for your children may undoubtedly be one of your most pressing challenges. If you are facing the vehement anger and dissatisfaction of your ex, you may be struggling to keep a bitter battle from consuming your life. According to LiveAbout, one of the most important things to remember is to be willing to compromise. Despite your desires for your child, you may have to be flexible in negotiating an agreement with your ex that will ultimately provide the best benefit for all parties involved. 

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