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How can I save on back to school supplies?

Single parents often rely on child support payments to ensure their kids have what they need to lead healthy and happy lives. When payments are late or fail to materialize at all, that might leave you struggling financially, especially when it comes to back to school shopping. While you should report any payment issues to your legal team so they can be rectified, The Penny Hoarder also recommends these saving tips for back to school shopping. 

Surprisingly, many parents have plenty of unused supplies right in their own home. Things like pencils and notebooks can easily be reused from year to year, as most people purchase an ample supply that doesn't end up being used throughout the school year. Start by doing an inventory of your child's existing supplies to see if anything can be salvaged. You'd be surprised by how much you can save by simply recycling items that still have some use in them. 

Can alimony be discharged via bankruptcy?

Many people file for bankruptcy when they find themselves in over their heads when it comes to debt. While the process can help discharge a great many debts, including credit card debt and medical payments, things like alimony or child support are not usually able to be discharged. The Balance explains how these debts are treated when a person files for bankruptcy. 

Alimony is payments made by one spouse to his or her ex after a divorce. They're intended to help the spouse receiving payments maintain the same standard of living that was present during the marriage. As a result, courts consider alimony payments non-dischargeable in the majority of cases. However, divorce proceedings are not always cut and dry. That's why divorce courts look at a few different factors when determining whether a debt can be discharged. 

Newlyweds and contentious family law issues

Divorce is often difficult for a lot of reasons, whether kids are involved, or a married couple is unsure how their finances will be affected by this major decision. However, some people find themselves involved in particularly difficult divorces, especially when contentious family law matters such as custody disputes, property division, child support or alimony are at the center of heated debates. Moreover, some people may think that newlyweds are more or less immune to these challenges since their marriage has not lasted very long, but this is certainly not always the case.

If you recently tied the knot and are facing a divorce, you may have a lot of uncertainty and emotional baggage resulting from your divorce. You may be heartbroken or even embarrassed, especially if your family and friends contributed to the wedding or were expecting you to remain happily married. However, you should prioritize your best interests and, if you have kids, their best interests too. In fact, many newlywed couples have children in the picture, which can give rise to various family law concerns.

How can I handle back to school with my ex?

With August almost here, you're probably gearing up for the start of the new school year. This can be a difficult time for divorced parents, who will need to work in conjunction to ensure their kids remain on schedule this year. To help you get by, Lifehacker recommends the following tips. 

Create a calendar

Back child support and your reputation

Those who have fallen behind on their child support payments may have many things to worry about, from the threat of being taken into custody to the financial ramifications associated with delinquency. Moreover, they may be unable to leave the country as well. However, there are many other challenges that people who have failed to stay caught up on their child support may face, such as a damaged reputation (which can hurt one’s life in more ways than one).

If your reputation has been shattered because you failed to pay child support on time, you may lose friends and encounter issues with some of your family members. Moreover, you may even face certain hardships in the workplace and while pursuing a new job. For example, someone who is close to your family may decide not to hire you because you have fallen behind on child support. Furthermore, this can make it even harder to get caught up.

How can I improve my co-parenting strategy?

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is properly nurtured and supported on his journey through life. This can be somewhat difficult after a divorce since you'll probably need to make important parenting decisions with your ex's input. According to Parents Magazine, devising a sound parenting strategy is possible, provided you following these helpful tips. 

Rethink your relationship

Ending a child support order early

Child support is a common expense for many parents. You may know that most child support orders end on your child’s 18th birthday. There are circumstances where a child support order persists beyond their 18th birthday, such as continuing care for a condition the child may have or owing past due payments.

Similarly, not all child support orders remain in effect until your child’s 18th birthday. There are several reasons that an agreement can end before that time in Florida.

How child support agreements cover your child's health insurance

It’s no secret that medical bills can be expensive. When you’re a single parent, you’re not only responsible for your health but also the health of your child. That sometimes mean paying twice as much in healthcare costs. This can create a financial hardship for any household.

One way that Florida helps mitigate healthcare costs for single parents is requiring a provision in every child support agreement. Healthcare is essential and it’s not fair for one parent to shoulder the burden.

Discussing family law matters with family members

There are many different family law matters which can create a great deal of uncertainty and stress, from difficult disputes over how custody will be split up to property division and even the divorce process in general. Sometimes, people turn to family members for support while they are dealing with these hurdles, while others may have difficulty speaking to others about their circumstances. It can be very helpful to discuss family law issues you are facing with those you love, but there are a number of things to keep in mind as well.

In some instances, family members may not fully support a person’s decision to divorce, or they may not understand the ins and outs of someone’s situation. For example, a parent, sibling or extended family member may believe that someone should have tried to stay in a marriage and make things work out. Unfortunately, this can be counterproductive, so it is important to focus on your best interests if you are struggling with friends and family members who disagree with your decisions.

How can I prevent money problems after divorce?

Along with its emotional effects, divorce also has a variety of financial implications. Whether you've experienced a reduction of assets or have been ordered to pay alimony or child support, it's crucial that you keep your finances in check while you adjust to this new financial situation. These budgeting tips from CNBC can help you do just that. 

The first step is to review certain documents to make any necessary changes. Life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other documents allow account holders to fill in beneficiaries, who will receive the proceeds of these accounts upon the person's passing. If beneficiary designations are not updated, they will override any wills or other estate planning documents in place. Attorneys recommend reviewing these documents after any major life event, including divorces, remarriages, or the birth or adoption of a new child.

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