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How can I control spending over the holidays?

Whether you’re the custodial parent or are obligated to remit child support payments, the holidays can be tough for single parents. In this case, you must take the proper steps to prevent issues from occurring, as overspending during the holiday season can start the new year off on the wrong foot financially. Bankrate offers the following tips, which can help divorced parents save money during this time of year.

Make a budget before shopping

Preventing divorce from ruining a child's education

When a child's parents get divorced in Florida, it can take its toll on the child as he or she struggles to cope with the emotions of a vastly changing family dynamic. One of the areas in a child's life that may be drastically affected by the separation of his or her parents is at school. Dealing with emotions like sadness, anger and confusion can create a distraction and cause a child to struggle to focus and excel. 

According to greatschools.org, parents should work hard to maintain a regular schedule for their child and set aside a designated period each day to help their child complete any homework and educational requirements. They should collaborate with their ex to determine how to best help their child excel and agree upon mutual rules for their child's educational goals and expectations. While maintaining a constant focus on their child's growth, parents should make planning their child's education fun and exciting. 

Can a divorce follow the universal stages of grief?

At some point in everyone’s life we all must handle and deal with grief. Usually, grief is associated with the loss of someone close to you through death. But is it possible to experience the same type of grief if that person does not die, but divorces you?

In the book, “On Death and Dying” written by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, it is pointed out that grief can be divided into five stages. While the book focuses on grief being associated with death, it can also be linked with the feelings one has with divorce. Here are the stages of grief and how they can relate to divorce.

Will I get a license suspension for not paying child support?

When the court orders you to pay child support in Florida, it becomes a legal obligation. You do not have a choice about whether or not to pay it. If you fail to pay your support as ordered by the court, you could face penalties. These penalties do include the suspension of your license. However, according to the Florida Department of Revenue, you do get plenty of chances to correct the situation before your driver's license suspension.

When you are late on a child support payment, you will receive a notice in the mail. The notice gives you the chance to make the missed payment or contact the child support office to make arrangements for payment. You may also get an appointment time when you have to go for an interview at the child support office. You should go to the interview even if you cannot pay right now.

Vigilance can keep a divorce from hurting a person's credit score

When a couple is going through a divorce in Florida, it is inevitable that there will be periods where they are so distracted by the drastic changes to their familial relationships that they risk missing important details. Because divorce is such a complicated process, it is imperative that couples stay vigilant throughout their separation to prevent prolonging the process or compromising their financial future. 

One of the most essential details that divorcing couples should pay attention to is their credit score. This seemingly unimportant aspect can quickly cause detrimental problems if one or both parties have failed to continue paying certain bills. The resulting outcome could mean that one or both spouses credit scores are marred which can ultimately affect their ability to get financial assistance should they need it in the future. 

Marital problems? How can you cope during the holidays?

This may be the first holiday season you’re enduring after your divorce or, like many Floridians, you might be considering filing for divorce either now or soon after New Year’s. This is an especially difficult time of year for single parents.

According to Psychology Today, nothing is more important for divorced parents during the holidays than putting their kids first. While it may sound unpleasant, this usually means setting aside your differences with your partner or ex and preserving as much family harmony as possible. This gives your children a better chance to enjoy the holidays and not associate this time of year with bad memories of their parents arguing with each other or fighting over visitation.

Goals for improving your relationship with your children in 2019

The great thing about being a parent is that it never changes. No matter what happens between you and your ex, you will still always be the parent of your children. That means, to a certain extent, there is always the opportunity to improve the relationship you have with your children.

Going through a divorce can be just as difficult on you as a parent as it can be on your children. Asking everyone to transition to a co-parenting situation can make life difficult and leave you feeling like you don’t have the same relationship with your children that you had before the divorce.

Challenges of same-sex divorce

Same-sex couples in Florida are now able to enjoy the same benefits of marriage as their heterosexual counterparts. Unfortunately, with marriage there also comes the possibility of divorce. While gay couples are free to divorce as well as marry, there are some complications that couples may encounter once they start the process. 

According to CNBC, one of the biggest issues that comes up is the length of marriage vs. the length of the relationship. Some couples have been together for years but their marriage certificate makes it look like they have only been together for a little while. This can factor into decisions such as spousal support, parental rights and asset division. If the divorce proceedings occur in a court setting there may be less of a chance of equal division or support of any kind. Because of this, experts recommend that the best way to make these decisions is through mediation. This allows both parties to work with a neutral party and discuss what each side wants and what is fair. Often this process results in better outcomes and fewer bad feelings.

Alex Rodriguez and ex-wife spar in media over alimony

Alimony and spousal maintenance may be only meant to serve as a temporary form of financial assistance to help a former spouse get back on their feet financially. Thus, one who is obliged to pay such support may feel frustrated is they feel as though their ex-spouse no longer needs it. A drastic change in one's financial circumstances may also make it difficult for one to meet an alimony obligation. This may prompt a petition to either modify or end such an obligation. It may without saying that such action may be met with contention. 

That is what appears to be the result of former baseball star Alex Rodriguez's request to lower the monthly payment he currently makes to his ex-wife. Rodriguez reportedly pays her $115,000 every month (a portion of which goes towards supporting the couple's two daughters). Yet he claims that since his retirement from baseball, his income has been significantly reduced. While he has expressed a willingness to continue to pay child support, Rodriguez claims that his wife is now a rich woman who can support herself. He also has expressed frustration over his perception of also having to support her current fiance and the child they two have together. His ex-wife has responded by claiming that it was Rodriguez himself who requested that she forego work to raise their girls. She also states that she is willing to reduce what he owes, but not to the extent that he wants to. 

Your home and mortgage in a divorce

When getting divorced, many spouses in Florida want desperately to stay in their homes. Some wish for this for the benefit of providing stability to their children during a time filled with so many other changes. This is certainly a reasonable desire for a legitimate purpose but it may not necessarily be in a person's best interest financially to do this.

As explained by Bankrate, if one person is going to remain in the home and assume financial responsibility for it, that person should get their own solo mortgage rather than keeping the existing joint mortgage. Even if a divorce decree identifies one party as the person responsible for the home, the lender may still consider both persons named on the loan as responsible for any debt associated with that loan.

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