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What is overparenting?

After a divorce, it's quite common for parents to increase their efforts to provide a loving and stable environment for their children. This often leads to overparenting, which is characterized by overprotection and overindulgence of a child. Very Well Family explains some of the signs of overparenting so you can determine whether you or your ex are exhibiting these troublesome behaviors. 

Take a look at your relationship with the other adults in your child's life. Are you constantly at odds with the decisions they make, to the point that you feel you're the only one capable of properly parenting your child? If so, you could be that you're trying to impose your strict standards on others. Barring instances of abuse or legitimate ill-treatment, teachers, daycare workers, and even relatives should be permitted to act normally towards your child. 

Dealing with family law issues as a single parent

Family law matters can be complicated for anyone, but parents (especially single parents) may have an especially difficult time dealing with various issues. From a former partner’s refusal or inability to pay child support to custody, parenting, property division and adjusting to life as a single parent, there are many different concerns that women and men may have to deal with while trying to raise a child by themselves. By taking the correct approach to family law matters, single parents may be able to make their lives easier (which can benefit their kids, as well).

As a single parent, you may be stressed out and short on time. Our law office realizes the hurdles that many single parents have to work through, and we know that many parents have been able to improve their lives by properly approaching family law matters that they are facing. You should try to have a solid understanding of your legal options and strategies that will be helpful if you are in the middle of a dispute or difficult family law situation.

What are some budgeting tips for single parents?

Money issues are a concern in most families. However, as a single parent, all concerns related to money fall directly on your shoulders. It's also likely that you're dealing with a vastly different financial situation than you were as a part of a married couple. In this case, Marketwatch recommends the following tips to single parents struggling with their financial outlook.

If you don't already have a budget in place, now is the time to create one. A budget is the full total of all income minus your expenses. It's best to dive deep when creating your budget. Try to think about all the expenses that could arise during the course of a month, even those unexpected costs that can pop up suddenly. It's also important that you set some money aside for an emergency savings fund to account for some of these unexpected costs. 

How a prenup can help couples who don’t get divorced

Most people don’t want to think about divorce, especially not engaged couples who are about to get married. In the past, many states did not even allow for prenuptial agreements to exist, fearing that the agreements themselves might encourage divorce.

Today, prenuptial agreements are losing their stigma, and more and more couples are signing an agreement before they get married. Prenuptial agreements can be extremely prudent, and modern agreements often cover financial situations that affect couples even if they never get divorced. Here are a few of the concerns that a prenuptial agreement can cover in the state of Florida.

Does social media have a negative impact on marriage?

People use social media for all sorts of reasons, from staying in touch with friends and family to pursuing hobbies and interests they hold dear. Along with these positive uses, some couples also complain about the negative impact that social media, including platforms like Facebook and Instagram, have on their marriages. Thrive Global explains a few of the ways social media use can harm a relationship. 

Social media is known to foster jealousy in general. You often hear stories about people feeling inadequate when seeing how fulfilled and exciting other people's lives appear to be online. Jealousy can also be spurred by a partner's actions online, whether that entails liking another person's photos or interacting in a way that appears flirtatious or inappropriate. When surveyed, many users of Facebook echo these sentiments. In one study, 10.3% of those polled claimed they routinely checked their partner's profiles to look for transgressions. 16% also claimed that seeing their partner's actions online increased their jealousy. 

How can I create a summer vacation schedule for my kids?

Summer in Florida is a great opportunity for parents to take their kids on family vacations or simply increase bonding experiences. For divorced parents, making decisions about summer vacation schedules can be tough, especially when your divorce was contentious. Parenting offers the following tips on how you and your ex can put your kids first when planning summer schedules. 

Keep in mind that your kids will pick up on any discontent between you and your ex. That's why all decisions should be made with your child's best interests in mind. Schedule activities your children enjoy, whether that entails sports or spending time at a summer camp. If your ex makes different plans for their time together, refrain from badmouthing their efforts. This will only increase worry among your children and take away from fun summer activities. 

There can be a silver lining with divorce

If you are going through a divorce in South Florida, you may be only thinking about the negative aspects of it. While dividing assets, determining child custody and figuring out support, it can be a stressful and sad time. However, there are some benefits after you finalize the divorce, and these may help you get through the process a little easier. 

According to Reader's Digest, divorce is not a reason to celebrate, but there are some perks if you have the right attitude. Ironically, being in a bad marriage can be lonely. Once you are on your own again, you can build a social circle with people you like and can spend time with, and you can reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with during your marriage.

What constitute legitimate child support expenditures?

As a divorced Florida parent, you no doubt rely on the monthly child support payments your former spouse sends you to help you cover the bills and expenses of child rearing. But have you ever wondered what all you can spend child support on?

FindLaw explains that you can spend child support on virtually anything that benefits your children. In other words, child support money can go for far more than merely your children’s basic essential needs.

Prenuptial agreements may benefit same-sex couples

With same-sex marriage now legal in Florida, many people are choosing to commit to their domestic partners through a marriage ceremony. Prenuptial agreements are fairly common for heterosexual couples, and they may also provide many benefits for homosexual couples. While these documents often help divide assets in the event of a divorce, they may also help clarify certain legal issues, such as powers of attorney. Crafting a thorough prenuptial agreement may help both potential spouses communicate their expectations of the marriage.

While there was often a stigma surrounding prenuptial agreements in the past, it has diminished in recent years. In fact, these contacts are becoming more common, especially among younger couples of all genders. The New York Times reports that many millennial couples are choosing to create prenuptial agreements. This may be because couples now share financial responsibility more equally than in the past and/or because a significant percentage of the millennial demographic grew up with divorced parents. In most cases, couples seem to approach prenuptial agreements from a practical standpoint rather than an emotional one.

Child support and extra-curricular activities

Going through a divorce can be a complicated process, especially if there are children involved. In addition to determining the type of child custody that works best for your family situation, the court must set the amount of child support that the non-custodial parent must pay. After the base child support amount is determined, there are extra expenses shared by both parents, including medical expenses, educational costs, insurance and daycare costs. Are parents required to split the cost of recreational activities as well?

All decisions are made in the best interests of the child. When a divorce occurs, children may be forced to change homes, schools and their general way of living. Extra-curricular activities can be a great way to divert attention away from the stress of the divorce, make friends and focus it on something the child loves to do. From soccer and football to art and music, these activities allow kids to channel their stress into something productive.

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